A Merry Christmas With You

New Original Song by M. ROCK STONE

A Merry Christmas With You by M. ROCK STONE (2022)

Well here comes December,
What happened to November?
I guess some bills will go unpaid,
But they’ll just have to wait

I’m gonna have a merry Christmas with you,
No matter what I do, baby
I’m gonna have a merry Christmas with you

Everywhere there’s people singing,
Just listen to those Christmas bells ringing!
Stopping at every store,
Just seems to mean a whole lot more

I’m gonna have a merry Christmas with you,
No matter what I do, baby
I’m gonna have a merry Christmas with you

And when the little ones are softly sleeping,
That’s when our love comes alive and
Quickly deepens

I’m lighting up that Christmas tree,
I’m making happy memories,
I’m gonna have a merry Christmas with you,
I’m gonna have a merry Christmas with you!

My Heartfelt Gratitude to This Founding Member of Rock Stone Report

Well, they say that you’ll know you’re over the target when you start getting a lot of flak and those of us who’ve been sending out the SOS signal in alt-media ever since C19 came to town have surely caught our share of the ordinance. The monolithic and ruthless juggernaut that opposes our way of life can only succeed with its nefarious agenda to genetically mutate and depopulate the citizens of Earth if it is allowed to operate in secrecy, so anyone calling attention to Agenda 2030 and the New World Order has found themselves in the crosshairs of Public Enemy #1. We’ve been slandered, defamed, jailed, fined, suspended, censored, and shadow-banned for asking questions and doing our own research, we’ve lost friends, family, jobs, and more for standing true to our conviction and not cowering to their fear porn and intimidation.

No matter what they have thrown at us, we’ve refused to be silenced because (most of us) understand that this is as much a spiritual battle as it is one of ideas so we’re willing to die for our Truth to be heard. For all the work that we do and everything that we’ve been forced to put on the line, we rarely receive praise or pay to compensate for risk, time, and effort. So, when I logged into my embattled substack writer’s dashboard the other day and saw that I’d gotten a founding member paid subscription I was completely taken by surprise.

It wasn’t until then that I realized how much this gesture of support and validation of my work actually means to me. As a result, I am more inspired than ever to hold my position on the frontlines and continue acting as a “relay station for the truth” as much as I am able. And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you friend - you know who you are. Merry Christmas …and ROCK ON \m/

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